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The state-of-the-art single/dual door AC-225 networked access controller is the backbone of medium scale security systems handling up to 30,000 users and 4092 doors. Driven by Rosslare’s powerful, flexible, and easy to use software, the system provides an ideal modular and expandable solution for commercial and institutional needs. It provides seamless integration with Rosslare’s range of RFID proximity, PIN, PIN & PROX, smartcard, and biometric readers with Rosslare’s selection of RFID credentials.


Up to 30,000 users with access rights for every panel, across optional 4092 modular doors in a system
20,000, FIFO, history event log, when offline
Full intelligent logic interconnection of inputs, outputs, readers, and more
Panel supports both 1-door (In/Out) and 2-door (In/Out, In/In and Out/Out) configurations
Real-time clock keeps time for up to 2 weeks without power. No batteries to replace.
Cable cut tamper detection function for readers, and cover tamper detection for the enclosure
Pre-installed enclosure components:

Single gag proximity keypad

Proximity fobs

Rosslare Security Products, a division of Rosslare Enterprises Ltd., manufactures and markets high-quality security products via its worldwide offices and channel partners. Since 1980, Rosslare has offered high-quality systems for enterprise, small business, and residential applications. Our expansive product range features much more than access control solutions and guard patrol management systems; we also offer applications software – such as License Plate Recognition, Time & Attendance, and DVR/alarm integration.
With Rosslare, you receive the best of all worlds: world-class product engineering and design; professional customer service spanning the globe; and the quality and affordability of a vertically integrated and self-owned manufacturing facility. With our three cost-effective product lines – Access Control, Guard Patrol, and Intrusion – partnering with Rosslare Security is the smart decision.

Narrow style proximity keypad


Proximity reader