Custom entrance panels are constructed of extruded aluminum with a brushed anodized finish, and a weather-resistant Mylar® speaker protected by an ABS plastic grill.

Panels may be configured to accommodate 3-, 4- or 5-wire speaker-type apartment stations, or handset-type apartment stations. Choose an alphabetical directory panel protected by a a clear Lexan® lens, or individual name holders beside each button.

Other entrance panel options include surface or flush mount, postal release, engraved buttons, and telephone handset panel.

Then choose 3-, 4- or 5-wire speaker-type ABS plastic apartment stations in flush or surface mount—with optional door ajar indication. Tek-ENTRY® also offers 4-wire speaker-type stainless steel stations and a handset-type apartment station.

Emtek is dedicated to helping bring your personal style to life. Door hardware is more than a way to open, close, and secure a space. To us, it is an integral part of a room’s design theme. Each order is custom assembled in our Southern California facility. There is no predetermined combination of knobs, levers, rosettes and finishes; we let you mix and match according to your own taste. Door hardware should make a statement, your statement





- re-key locks

- master locks

- locks replacement

- new lock installation

- door adjustments

- lockouts

- intercom installation

- intercom audio and video

The GT Series supports up to 500 tenant stations, which can communicate hands-free to a maximum of 16 entry panels and four security guard stations. The 170-degree entry station camera with PanTilt Zoom provides complete entry visibility. Choose from a one-piece stainless steel entry panel or easily configure the entry panels using either direct select or digital keypad.



We repair and replace all types of locks and doors. From standard key-knobs and mortise locks to decorative door hardware and high security locks. Whether you are looking for a lock replacement or to just re-key an existing lock, we do it! Nearly all of the services are completed the same day.

ASHTON Model: 85365


Baldwin Estate opens the door to numerous possibilities for customization in both style and function. Estate door hardware is the start of the grand style that can be carried throughout the home with coordinating interior hardware.
With a wide spectrum of richly detailed, meticulously crafted finishes, Baldwin stands alone as the finish leader. Choose from 20 of Baldwin's beautiful colors and textures to complete your design vision.

Medeco® offers three levels of mechanical technology options to meet your individual security needs. From patented key control systems like Keymark x4 and BiLevel to a full high security and key control solution like Medeco³.

LOGAN Model: 85335


BETHPAGE Model: M522

The Medeco® Maxum Residential deadbolt exceeds ANSI Grade 1 standard for auxiliary locks and comes in an aesthetically pleasing package. Solid brass, free turning collar and 1/4 inch diameter mounting bolts resist wrenching, prying and hammering attacks. 1 inch throw hardened steel bolt resists sawing and crowbar attacks.

Hardened steel inserts and rotating pins provide drill and pick resistance according to UL 437 standard. The Medeco3 design offers a utility patent that provides protection against unauthorized key duplication.

The Maxum is a UL437 Listed, BHMA A156.5 Grade 1 Certified deadbolt, offering unmatched protection against unauthorized key duplication, bumping attacks, picking, drilling, wrenching, kicking, or other physical abuse. A solid 1'' hardened steel bolt in heavy gauge steel housing provides maximum defense against physical attack.

Control Over Your Keys The locking technology in the Maxum residential deadbolt carries a BHMA A156.30 Certification, giving you assurance that your keys are fully protected from unauthorized duplication as well as a UL 437 Listing for protection against picking and drilling attacks. With this protection, you are assured of knowing exactly who has access to your possessions and loved ones. This deadbolt, like all Medeco Residential locks, can be masterkeyed for maximum flexibility.

Available in many styles  and finishes, the Maxum is available in single and double cylinder functions and in most popular finishes.

The Maxum Residential deadbolt can be ordered with a variety of different cylinder technologies. To compare the mechanical features, see the below chart.



Medeco³ High Security Cylinders feature UL437 Listed physical strength components like the triple locking technology for ultimate pick resistance and solid brass construction with strategically placed hardened inserts to thwart drilling attacks.

Mul-T-Lock provides enhanced key control by utilizing patented keys and requiring presentation of a key order card to an authorized dealer for key duplication by a unique locksmith-operated key cutting machine. Also offers enhanced resistance to picking, drilling, bumping and other forms of lock manipulation.


BETHPAGE Model: M522


ANSI Grade 1 Locking Mechanism
UL Fire Rated Latch
Adjustable Backset (2 3/8", 2 3/4")
UL437 Drill and Pick Resistance Cylinder
Bump Resistant High Security Lock Cylinder
MUL-T-LOCK's Patented Interactive® Key Control System
Limited Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
Cylinder Plug & Bolt Finish: Bright Brass or Satin Chrome
Key Way: 264G
Keys Included: 2 (or 1 if keyed alike)









BRISTOL Model: 6420

Standard locking systems without utility patent protected keys allow anyone who gains possession of a key to easily and inexpensively make a copy. With an unauthorized duplicate key, a thief has complete access to a building, its physical and intellectual property, and the people inside. BiLevel locking systems ensure that the keys to a facility can only be duplicated by certified Medeco dealers and only with the proper authorization.

Medeco® BiLevel cylinders can tie in with other Medeco® mechanical and eCylinder products for master keying purposes.

 For more information about the ASSA ABLOY complete Security Continuum visit

Medeco X4
All facilities need patented key control to effectively secure exterior and interior openings.  This strength of integrity allows security managers to have peace of mind when it comes to managing the system.  Unfortunately, instituting a new key system is not always easy....or economical. 

Medeco X4 is the most economic and efficient solution.  Medeco X4 has one of the largest master key capabilities on the market.  This allows facility managers to tie everything together under one key for ease, convenience and efficiency.  Additionally, Medeco X4 easily retrofits into existing systems so installation time is minimal.

Medeco X4 is the perfect security upgrade for small  format interchangeable core (SFIC) installations for Best-style, Prox and iClass systems. In addition to SFIC cylinders, Medeco X4 is also available in many other styles of retrofit cylinders and can be keyed into a single system.   

Mul-T-Lock designs, develops and manufactures a wide selection of innovative cylinders - mechanical and electromechanical - that address the evolving security needs of institutions, businesses and homeowners worldwide.


LAKESHORE Model: 6966

BiLevel cylinders offer affordable key control through patent protected keys. For areas that require protection against picking, bumping, drilling, prying, or other forms of attack, UL 437 Listed Medeco³ may be added to the system.

With its truly unique design the MUL-T-LOCK Hercular deadbolt is truly spectacular. The Hercular is reinforced in just about every way possible. From a UL437 Listed Cylinder, to strong latch, to Bolt Bearing Mechanism, the Hercular Deadbolt will stop almost any attempt at forced entry. Strength usually does not mix with Flexibility. Not in the case of the Hercular, since it is the only Grade 1 Deadlock with an adjustable backset.Features:

ADA compliant design
Large variety of entrance and tenant stations - buildings can have a mix of all stations
170° PanTilt & Zoom video camera for larger viewing area
Built-in access code keypad for keyless entry (500 codes)
Alpha-numeric room numbering
Link data allows for easy programming of multiple entrances/guard stations
Up to 16 entrance panels,4 guard stations and 500 tenant stations
Simple wiring with only 2 common wires for audio
Access control from inside station to calling entrance (door release)
Optional individual doorbell to ring tenant stations
Optional individual audio only door station or video door station to ring tenant station (GT-2C only)


Elite Lock Service offers 206B Interactive®+ keyway. Interactive® key design has long been a distinguishing facet of our commitment to high security. The key’s robust and durable design, coupled with Mul-T-Lock’s Interactive® technology, set the Interactive® key apart from the rest. 



Medeco® is well known for its innovation and use of technology. Did you know Medeco® cylinders retrofit more manufacturers' hardware than any other high security product line? Ultimately, that leads to reduced security costs because there’s no need to replace existing hardware to obtain a single secure system. Plus, Medeco's electronics offer advanced features such as time control, detailed reporting and the ability to add or remove keys instantly. Medeco® ingenuity leads the way with mechanical and electronic formats--all designed to meet a variety of security needs and challenges

Interactive®+ - Reliable, double locking mechanism high security. Provides enhanced key control by utilizing patented keys and requiring presentation of a key order card to an authorized dealer for key duplication by a unique locksmith-operated key cutting machine. Also offers enhanced resistance to picking, drilling, bumping and other forms of lock manipulation. The Interactive®+ platform is also available with CLIQ® electromechanical technology. Choose this solution for applications that require physical security and protection against unauthorized key duplication.